Minor Victims of Human Trafficking Subcommittee

Ohio is noted as being particularly vulnerable to human trafficking because of its large urban centers and rural counties that comprise large transient and immigrant populations, making law enforcement and regulation more difficult.  In addition, Ohio’s five major highways are a tool for traffickers to transport youth and adult victims between and among Ohio and contiguous states. 

Juvenile Human Trafficking, Ohio Laws & Safe Harbor Response
Prepared by the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Children and Families Section in collaboration with its Advisory Committee on Children and Families.

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The purpose of this webpage is to serve as a clearinghouse of resources for the Court Responses to Minor Victims of Human Trafficking Workgroup - as well as any Ohio court wishing to start a specialized program/docket in response to human trafficking.

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Empowerment Program

Franklin County Juvenile Court’s Empowerment Program is based on Ohio’s safe harbor law, which allows for decriminalization of youth offenses that result from their role as human trafficking victims. In addition to acting as a diversion program, the model uses treatment teams to identify youths’ needs and services.

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