New Safe & Together Supervisor Trainings

Updated: 08.22.2018


This fall, the Ohio IPV Collaborative is excited to offer a brand new 2-day  Supervisor training to Ohio county CPSAs. The new training aligns with the revised Safe & Together CORE curriculum, training CPS supervisors how to effectively guide caseworkers on domestic violence cases and assess worker practice.

This unique, 2-Day training is designed for supervisors who have gone through Safe and Together CORE, building on that content with new supervision-specific modules including coaching, caseworker safety, and worker thinking errors.  The training also demonstrates how tools introduced in CORE can be applied in supervision: for example, how Mapping Perpetrator's Patterns can be used as a coaching tool. Just like CORE, this training also includes an action planning element, which gives participants time to strategize how they are going to apply what they are learning in their day-to-day practice.

the new training will be available to Ohio CPSAs starting September 10th. Please contact Dana Schmersal with any questions and to schedule trainings in your area.