Webinars, Practice Tools, Sample Materials, & More...

Webinar Recordings

"Multiple Pathways to Harm for Children"

Presented January 2018 by Heidi Rankin of the Safe & Together Institute. (1h1m)

"Assessing Change in DV Perpetrators"

Presented in 2015 by David Mandel of the Safe & Together Institute

"Trauma- and DV-Informed Practice"

Presented in 2015 by David Mandel of the Safe & Together Institute (1h11m)

"Practical Applications of Safe and Together in SACWIS"

Presented in 2014 by Heidi Rankin of the Safe & Together Institute and Dorothy Striker of ODJFS (1h28m)

"Establishing Internal Policy Post Training"

Presented in 2015 by Jo Simonsen of the Ohio Domestic Violence Network (1h10m edited for posting)and PowerPoint


General Resources

Working with Men as Parents

Multiple Pathways to Harm: A Domestic Violence-Informed Approach to Assessment

The Impact of Batterers on Children: An Ohio Model Community Response Protocol

Community Readiness Assessment Tool

First Responders Domestic Violence Tool Kit


Practice Tools

Power and Control Wheel

Continuum of Domestic Violence Practice

Lethality Assessment Tool

Engagement and Partnering Tips



Sample Materials

Sample Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Sample Release of Information (ROI)

Sample Screening Questions for a Domestic Violence Referral to CPS

Sample Questions for Batterers, Children, and Survivors



Working with Special Populations

Cultural Competency Guidelines and Checklist

Power and Control for those with Disabilities

Power and Control for Immigrant Populations

Power and Control for LGBTQI

LGBTQI-Specific IPV Information



Working with Batterers

Anger Management vs. Batterer Intervention Programs (BIPs)

Batterer Intervention Programs (BIPs) in Marginalized Communities