Quality Legal Representation in Child Welfare Workgroup

The announcement of the awards for the pre-petition and multidisciplinary pilot projects is now expected to come late August or early September.

The recorded version of the NACC Multidisciplinary Awareness Webinar can be found here: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/MRTZeTsQJUqTZTFmtmgtheFO6vSgPksj0Op-bcR40feSsWdB0rInYQjLnQIFfzfw.Yun3tQe-BP_R43Hs?startTime=1628265604000. The recorded version has been approved for 1.5 free CLEs.

The workgroup has divided its main areas of focus into three smaller workgroups: Attorney Training, Multi-Disciplinary Team, and Pre-Petition representation. All three workgroups have scheduled to meet the first half of each month prior to the larger Quality Legal Representation workgroup.

All three workgroups are currently researching best practices which will guide their planned initiatives. Planned output includes implementation toolkits, trainings focused on new attorneys, and funding guides for counties. Potential pilot programs are also being discussed for some initiatives.